Management with an ROI

Manage with structure and precision to unlock practice growth




To optimize the dental practice a leader should have the ability and skills to understand and individualize each department of the practice, yet collaborate with one another to achieve workplace objectives.

1. Human Resources

"Exceptional people, bring exceptional results"

We will hire and train the best people so together we can build the best team. When managing for optimal team culture we must embrace inclusion, empowerment and accountability, in return we will all succeed.

Role Designation & Training
Employee Performance
Conflict Management

2. Structure & Streamline

"Great structure is the road map to success"

We maximize profits by streamlining a structured process to improve the practice efficiencies that will result in profitable chair time.

Defining key roles & responsibilities
Employee Time Management
Infusing Systems
Actionable Team Meetings
Examine & Measure Progress
Eliminate Redundancies

3. Practice Analysis & Financial Reporting

“The numbers are the tangible growth to any business”

By dissecting the numbers and taking a deep dive into the metrics we can show the exact value of our structure. This allows us to be in the know and continue to make adjustments where necessary, moving the business in an upward trajectory.

Monthly Metrics & Statistics Reports
Provider Month End Reports
Optimizing Billing Codes
Key Point Indicators & Growth Objectives

4. Marketing & Branding

“Show the world why your business is the right place for them”

Effective marketing is more important now than ever when it comes to business recognition and growth. It is a necessary tool to implement and track powerful marketing campaigns in today’s ever changing dental climate.

Internal & External Marketing Strategies
Creating the Perfect Practice Image
Target the Right Demographic
Lead Generation & Conversion